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Our range of expertise services are emphasized in the following areas:
  •   General Corporate and Commercial
  •   Investment
  •   Banking and Finance
  •   Telecommunications and Internet
  •   Capital Market and Securities
  •   Labor matters
  •   Intellectual Property
  •   Mining, Oil and Gas
  •   Property and construction
  • Our legal services fee arrangement is varied as follows:
    Hourly basis service
  • We offer you an hourly basis service at hourly rates varying according to seniority.
    Retainer service
  • This continuing retainer option is offered if the client expresses an intention to continue this special arrangement for a minimum of twelve consecutive months. We will invoice the client on a monthly basis for this service, including out of pocket expenses.

    Project basis service

  • A fixed fee may often be arranged based on the specific project. We will offer a lump sum fee for the work specifically requested by the client and billed in advanced. Our quotation will be determined according to the nature of the work involved, skill required, urgency and other matters.

    Our firm will have the right to assign any attorneys within the firm to any given case, unless you will cite specific reasons for rejecting the continued services of any given attorneys generally or for a special case.

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